Logo & Branding Design

In the following summary, I will explain what a branding agency like mine can do for you to design your perfect logo and everything that goes with it.

What is a corporate identity and what is a corporate design?

In advertising, "corporate design" or "branding design" refers to a coherent design concept, which needs to reflect the "corporate identity".

The corporate identity comprises the overall concept, the philosophy, the intentions, and goals - the entire identity of a company, product, or project.

The corporate design has the task of conveying this identity of a company visually through style, colors, layout guidelines, etc. So first of all, it is important that you think about your corporate identity.

Why do I need a branding design?

Today, we are constantly exposed to stimuli and as an entrepreneur, we are also subject to great competitive pressure. If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you should continuously cultivate your brand image and it is essential that all advertising materials and advertising media can be recognized at first glance to be of the same brand.


A branding design also greatly simplifies your life whenever you need to design new advertising materials. You don't have to worry every time about how the layout of the new advertisement should look because you already have set certain stylistic guidelines that ensure your recognition value.


A branding design should be carefully considered

It is important that you choose your corporate design carefully because although every company changes and evolves over time, it is very important that you do not change your logo and style too radically, especially if some people already know your brand.


In addition, as a young entrepreneur or "start-up", you should also consider whether you might want to offer further products or services under the same brand in the future - in this case, it is important not to choose your company name and slogan too specifically, but to leave it open to some freedom of interpretation.

Logo & Branding Kits

My Logo & Branding Kits give your business the perfect start into visibility - lets have a closerlook at the different items they contain.


Name & slogan advice

Together we work out what the name should convey and which slogan or claim fits best. We brainstorm and collect ideas about which direction we should take. Then I present you with some suggestions from which you can choose until we have found the perfect name and slogan that on the one hand lives up to your vision and on the other hand appeals to the target group.


By the way: a claim or tagline is a very short sentence or phrase that is always shown in connection with your logo and supplements the logo.


A slogan can be shown elsewhere in your promotional materials and media. You can also use more than one slogan.



Through conversations, we first find out what we want to communicate with the logo, what impression we want to convey and discuss your corporate identity so that I can get a comprehensive picture of your project. Then I send you some inspirations, with the help of which we can very well determine in which direction the logo should go. Then I will design a memorable logo for you with great attention to detail and with the help of your feedback. You will receive the logo in all necessary file formats and versions.


Business card

If you want to make a professional impression, you should definitely have aesthetic business cards with you at all times, because you never know where you are going to make interesting connections. They are also very important at network events.


Stationery or invoice template

A matching letterhead or invoice template is part of the overall professional experience of your brand.


Company color palette

A coherent color palette is a very important aspect of corporate design. Usually, a few primary colors are defined and often a few matching lighter and darker shades that are required for different design elements. The colors are precisely defined in the palette so that they can be displayed correctly online as well as in print materials.


A typeface is one or more defined fonts for headings and scrolling texts, which also play a significant role in the cohesive recognition value of your brand.

Design elements

Design elements can be, for example, patterns, background images, uniform layout elements for advertisements or flyers, shapes, or icons. These enable you to easily design all advertising materials in the same style and to convey an overall coherent look.

Corporate design manual

This handout defines very precisely how, for example, the logo is to be used - where it is placed in the layout, how small it can be printed to be legible and how the logo is to be used on different backgrounds, which fonts should be used for which purposes etc. Such a manual is, on one hand, important help to guarantee the recognition value and professional appearance and on the other hand, important if a company grows in employees and more than one person is involved in the implementation of marketing materials. This is why certain guidelines are defined to make work easier for everyone involved.

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