I know for certain that everyone has an inner artist that wants to be expressed. Even if you think you are not creative at all, I dare you to prove yourself wrong. Research shows that creativity is such an important part of living a fulfilled life.

So don't wait - get creative!

Creativity has played a very important role in my life ever since I found out how it can enrich one's life in so many ways. This is why I started a YouTube channel with short creative classes to support you in exploring and living your creative potential!

Become a part of our Facebook group! It is a place to inspire each other and share our art, our authentic selves, our difficulties and everything else on our creative journeys :)


Are you in need of a personal inspirational push in your life? Do you feel stuck or like you are having a creative block?  Are you looking for some new insights on how to live more creatively? Or maybe you just need some guidance and support to realize your artistic projects? Somebody who keeps track of your process and supports you to take the next steps? I am happy to offer you creative guidance in these areas. Either in person or online. I will put together a unique creative coaching plan for your needs. If you want to find out more drop me a message :)



Creative thinking is a wonderful gift children are born with. Unfortunately often our outdated school systems do not put great emphasis on fostering creativity and so it fades over time. Also bullying and shaming often lead to creative wounds that follow us into adulthood and keep us from expressing creatively. Considering all this it is more than ever important to grant outlets where kids can express and explore themselves in artistic ways. I am happy to coach your child in person or online, and support their unique talents and needs. I also support teenagers with entrance exams into fine art and schools. For more info drop me a message :)