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How nice to have you here!

Hi, I'm Anna Marlena... potential-recognizer, structured creative (yes, that exists 😆), daydreamer and passionate designer....


I'm an expert in logo & branding design and have been supporting people like you on their path into visibility for almost 15 years. I can help you with a lot of sensitivity to visually capture the soul of your heart❤️business, so you too can magically attract your dream clients!

my story...


Creativity has been such an important part of my life since my earliest childhood. As a child, I spent countless hours drawing, crafting, making up stories, developing photos with my dad in the little darkroom at home, or creating my own coloring pages, which my mom then dutifully copied and duplicated for me. I can also still remember how my dad, who was always a creative hobbyist, showed me Photoshop on his old computer for the first time and thus basically started my designer career 😉

Since I can remember creativity has given me on the one hand so much inner peace and on the other hand so much joy. I can still remember that whenever I was done with a new creative project, the next morning when it came back to my mind, I was overcome with such a blissful enthusiasm when I could enjoy my latest creation again. Almost like the day after Christmas, when you remember the gifts you received the day before. And today I still feel the same way when I design logos or other beautiful things. I like to look at them over and over again and really revel in the joy of the aesthetics and the satisfaction of being able to design such pretty things.

For me and my family it was therefore soon clear that I should study art and so I was accepted at the age of 14 in a great secondary school in the field of graphic & communication design. There I was able to learn a lot about art, marketing, design, printing techniques and photography for 5 years. So I've been involved with my current job since the tender age of 14!😮 Wow, I just realized, that's been longer than half my life.


Me, pondering about the meaning of life...


Me, practicing applied creative thinking!


Me, indulging in an art & crafts project..


„Why fit in when you were
    born to stand out“  
Dr. Seuss

Being my own boss...


Somehow I've always known that I'm not the type of person for a 9-5 job and I like it most when I'm my own boss and can manage my own work and time, because I'm a very freedom-loving person. So I straight away decided not to end up in an office in the first place, but quickly found my way to self-employment after finishing school...

...Life took me to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka for 5 years, where I worked as a designer, portrait artist and creative coach for children. This time abroad has shaped and inspired me extremely and I am incredibly grateful for this experience.


Since 2015 I'm living back in my hometown Graz in beautiful, green Styria, apart from the times that I am traveling and strolling through the world as a digital nomad. 🌍

„Why I do what I do?
I believe in you and your potential!“

My deep wish is that more and more people can follow their joy and dreams, believe in themselves, live their purpose and enjoy the same freedom and flexibility as I do. I see the unique potential and the very individual combination of strengths in every single person and love to dive into a new world with every client or project. It gives me immense pleasure to work with people who have found their calling and want to live it! There is simply nothing better than using your own talents to support other people on their way and to experience the joy when they can finally really take off with their business.

Are you ready…? finally dare to give your heart❤️business the love and attention it deserves? take your self-determined life into your own hands? leave the confusion in your many ideas behind you and instead bring a lot of clarity into your business?


...finally start doing instead of just dreaming about it?


...for a company appearance that perfectly reflects your essence and that of your business and thus magically attracts your dream clients?



I am very happy to hear from you

and your heart❤️business!

Follow me on instagram or facebook for regular inspirations and news 😊

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„Everything you can imagine is real“
Pablo Picasso

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