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You've got a Vision?

Do you feel that the time has come to realize your heart's project? 

Maybe you've had a lot of ideas floating around in your head for a long time, but you want them to finally become tangible so that you can present your project to the world? 

You feel that it's time to take a leap into visibility but you don't know exactly what the first steps are?

Then this is the right place for you!

Scroll down to see what I can do for you and your vision...


Logo & Branding Design

To remain in your customers mind a catchy logo which reflects the essence of your company is the core element of good brand design.

Through detailed conversations and mood boards, we develop the look and feel of your new logo in advance, so you can be sure that it will meet your taste and speak to your target group.

A cohesive corporate design is just as important as a great logo. I create unique corporate design packages to capture the soul of your company or project. This includes, for example, name & slogan advice, color palette, typeface, business cards and stationery, design elements, layout templates, and initial advertising materials.


Illustrations can help to visualize concepts or processes and also add a soulful dimension to your designs.



If it should be something more playful and artistic I am happy to illustrate endearing works of art in the style you want.

Whether modern-digital illustration style, playful watercolors, or rather a hip vintage style, I will conjure up the right eye-catcher for you and your customers.


High-end giveaways for your clients and advertising materials are a great way to get your customers attention and stay in their minds.​

Print Media

No matter whether you need business cards, flyers or posters, high-quality brochures, giveaways, t-shirts for your staff, or other print media, I will carefully design them for you. I am also happy to advise you on suitable materials, print options, and process the order for you.


Webdesign &
Online Marketing

To lead a professional business, an up-to-date website, social media presence and online marketing strategies are key. 

From single-page websites to extensive websites with many additional functions - my team and I ensure that your website appears perfectly on all screens and devices.

We are also happy to take care of your online and social media marketing. Whether SEO, facebook, instagram, youtube, pinterest, podcasts, blogs or Goodle-Ads - we will be happy to advise you what is the best way for you and your business.


Editorial Design

A clear layout gives your content the finishing touches.

Whether magazines, booklets, reports, catalogs, folders, books or ebooks - I arrange images and text into a visually appealing form for you. Great layouting should be clear, easy to read, aesthetic and visually translate your content. 


Outside Adervertising &
Car Wrapping

Storefronts, cars, and billboards are a great advertising space to draw

attention to your business.

Do your business premises still need the necessary pep? Do you want to use your car as mobile advertisement? Do you still need advertising technology for your next booth? Are you maybe planning a billboard campaign?


I will develop unique designs in cooperation with printers in your area to provide you with the best solutions.


Packaging Design

Of course, your products also want to be wrapped with love.


In keeping with your branding and with a distinctive design, I will make sure that your product packaging stands out from your competitors.

I will carry out a market analysis, research the appropriate manufacturers and printers, design the packaging, and process the order for you if you wish.


High Quality Prints

Choosing precious materials and extraordinary printing techniques

will elevate your designs and

give them a unique touch.

There are a variety of unique materials and beautiful printing technologies that can make your design stand out from the rest and give a striking first impression of the valuable services and products you are offering. And we all know how important the first impression is. 


Whether letterpress, glossy print, metallic hot foil stamping, laser cutting, or other grafting methods, I will advise you, find the right printer for you and handle the ordering process.


Choosing the right words to communicate the essence of your business can make all the difference.


& Creative Writing

It all starts with a catchy name and slogan for your business. Both should transport the soul of your business, be easy to pronounce, have a good melody, and capture in a few words what your business or project is all about.

Also, the content for your website, advertising materials, or social media posts should be well thought up and get to the heart of what you are doing. My team and I are happy to assist you in all stages of this process.


Creative Coaching

I want to inspire you to live your full creative potential!

Creativity is such an incredibly important aspect of a fulfilled life! It has always played a very important role in my life and I want to inspire you to unleash it again in all its glory in your life too. That's why I'm currently working on developing a new online program that will be all about your creative, magical life. 


"Your work is such a rare and wonderful balance between creativity, dreaming, magic, beauty, playfulness, and structure, clarity, precision, and reliability ... I have been looking forward to realizing my ideas with you again and again for a whole year and I am totally grateful to have found you!"



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